Model config files for Devo 7e deViated

This are some of my models for a Deviation Devo 7e no-extra-switch deviated and modded with A7105 and nRF24L01, full-range mod. This are for nobbish level.
Use at your own risk.
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Do note that THOLD is away from you, in HOLD0, as I find that on the small Devo 7e it is easier for me to hit THOLD with my thumb as I move away from throttle stick. Be sure to change that if that's not your thing.

So all switch AWAY FROM YOU / UP you are safe to insert the battery, when the gyro is OK check that throttle stick IS DOWN then you can take down THOLD ad get airborne.

Each time you are about to take off just be sure that every switch is away from you and throttle is down. FMOD0 up is usualy low rate / normal mode , FMOD1 down is hi rate / IDLE-UP.

V922 / HCP100 notes

Notes: it's based on advanced mixers so you have:


This is a Puppy iso remaster by Vtdiy for a live Linux system made for installing deViation on Devo TX:

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